Graduate Student Funding

MS Students

Funding for master's degree students is handled on a case-by-case basis. Master's students are often supported as teaching or research assistants.

PhD Students

All first-year BME doctoral students are guaranteed five years of support while in the program. Full-time doctoral students in good standing receive an annual stipend, out-of-state tuition, and health insurance waivers. Beyond the first year, support is generally provided by the faculty adviser, using funds from research and training grants.

Other sources of support include Graduate College fellowships, teaching assistantships and academic scholarships. Students may also be supported by a variety of outside fellowships and awards, many of which are listed on the Graduate College website. The University of Arizona Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid also provides financial aid information.

International Students

We occasionally accept academically qualified international students who have their own guaranteed financial support from sources in their own country. The United States Justice Department of Immigration and Naturalization Service requires an international student to have financial support available to cover expenses during the entire proposed period of study at the University of Arizona. Please visit the Graduate College website for additional information the regarding financial guarantee form.

Graduate Student Stipends

The level of graduate student stipends is set by the Graduate College. Stipends comprise two components: living allowance and fees allowance. Students with training grant appointments have their tuition and fees paid directly by the grants. Students on teaching or research assistantship have out-of-state tuition waived and are eligible to defer a portion of the remaining fees if not covered from other sources. Because some training grant stipends and teaching assistantships are lower than the levels approved by the Graduate College, these stipends may be supplemented by the Program . Health insurance costs for first-year students are ordinarily covered by the Program.

The BME graduate program also encourages individual students to seek supplementary pre-doctoral fellowship funding. This provides the student with an opportunity to develop grant-writing skills and permits the student to supplement the stipend. The Graduate Resources Committee can help identify potential funding agencies.

Graduate fellowship sources for BME students include:

University of Arizona College of Engineering
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