Timothy W. Secomb

Affiliated Faculty
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PhD: Applied Mathematics, University of Cambridge, 1979
MSc: Mathematics, University of Melbourne, 1976
BSc: Mathematics, University of Melbourne, 1975

Research Interests:

Theoretical studies of the microcirculation. The microcirculation is a network of extremely small blood vessels that supplies oxygen and nutrients to all parts of our tissues. The focus of work in our research group is the use of mathematical and computational approaches to study blood flow and mass transport in the microcirculation. Working in collaboration with experimentalists, we aim to understand quantitatively the processes involved.

Teaching Interests:

Mathematical modeling of biological systems


Timothy W. Secomb earned his doctorate in applied mathematics in 1979 from the University of Cambridge and carried out postdoctoral work at Columbia University.

He has been at the University of Arizona since 1981, as a full professor since 1992, with appointments in the Department of Physiology and the Department of Mathematics.

His scientific interests are in mathematical modeling of physiological phenomena, especially in the tiny blood vessels that form the microcirculation -- including the mechanics of blood flow in capillaries, exchange of oxygen, and other solutes between blood and tissue -- regulation of blood flow, structural adaptation of blood vessels and angiogenesis.

The National Institutes of Health have supported his research continuously since 1985, and he directs an NIH-funded training grant on computational and mathematical modeling of biomedical systems.

University of Arizona College of Engineering
Department of Biomedical Engineering 1127 E James E. Rogers Way P.O. Box 210020 Tucson, AZ 85721-0020