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Biomedical Projects Win Big at Design Day 2016

BME seniors on Design DayProjects with biomedical themes – and with BME seniors – made headlines at Engineering Design Day 2016. 

Taking home the Raytheon Award for Best Overall Design was Team 15040, which included Collin Gilchrist, Jamie Hernandez, Pete Moya and Tyler Toth. Their project, On-Slide Reagent Concentration Feedback and Control, was sponsored by Ventana Medical Systems Inc.

Team 15024 received both the Rincon Research Award for Best Presentation and the Ventana Award for Innovation in Engineering with the project Nasogastric Tube Placement Verification System, sponsored by Xeridiem. The team included Christopher Gallo, Summer Garland, Nathaniel Husband and Gary Tyree.

The all-BME Team 15031 won the ACSS/L-3 Communications Award for Most Robust Systems Engineering with Microfluidic-Based Human Lung Model, which was sponsored by the department. Its members were Elisa Calabrese, Kristin Calahan, Christopher Larkin, Emily Masterson, Mary McIntosh and Kristina Rivera.

Among the other prize-winners were Corina MacIsaac and Yaroslav Valerievich Pilipenko on Team 15039; Czarina Aguilar, Eze Ahanonu, Daniel Palomares and Zachary Remer on Team 15026; Andrew D’Arcangelis and Mykella Jones on Team 15038; Trevor Woodhouse on Team 15056; and Xaviere Giroud, Andrew Thomas Maggio and Cecilia Maria Read on Team 15018.

BME's Justine Bacchus also received one of two Honeywell Team Leadership Award.

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Improving UA, One Water-Filling Station at a Time

As chair of the UA Students for Sustainability committee on water, BME junior Paul Elias spreads the word about water scarcity while seeking new conservation methods to make a difference on campus and elsewhere.

The group's latest initiative, "​Reduce and Reuse: One Water Bottle Refill Station at a Time" (PDF), just received an annual grant from the UA Green Fund. With help from the College of Science, they will install three new refill stations on campus, to directly and measurably decrease the consumption of plastic water bottles.

BME Senior Snags NSF Graduate Fellowship

Senior Tyler Toth has been awarded a 2016 National Science Foundation graduate research fellowship, which will fund his graduate studies at the Massachusetts Institute for Technology for three years. As a doctoral student in MIT's department of biological engineering, he will use synthetic biology techniques to further increase the efficacy of biosensors.

Toth's undergraduate research, performed under professor Jeong-Yeol Yoon, focused on improving pathogen diagnostic devices by integrating novel detection methods. In March, he received the award for Most Creative Research at BME Design Day. Toth credits guidance from Yoon and his labmates in solidifying his decision to pursue graduate school and a career in academia.

Active outside the lab as well, he has served as president of the UA Biomedical Engineering Society.

Toth graduates next month with a BS in biomedical engineering and minors in mechanical engineering and personal financing.

Kudos to BME's da Vinci Scholar!

Kara Williams. Photo courtesy of Kara WilliamsThe UA College of Engineering has named its 10 da Vinci Scholars for 2016 – and among them is BME's Kara Roberts, a Flagstaff native in her junior year.

Congratulations to Kara, and to each of this year's da Vinci Scholars! They will be recognized alongside the College's da Vinci Fellow in a special reception in May.

Profiling BME Student-Athlete Tyler Fowler

"Academics are huge! You're a student-athlete, not an athlete-student," says junior Tyler Fowler in a recent Pac-12 video spot. The third-generation engineer (and Olympic hopeful!) explains what exciting opportunities brought him into BME in particular.

Design Day Is on the Way!

UA Engineering Design Day 2016 app logo

UA Engineering Design Day 2016 is fast approaching.

On Tuesday, May 3, seniors from every single department in the College of Engineering – including BME – will gather on the UA Mall and in the Student Union to present their capstone design projects.

Join us from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to check out more than 100 student projects.

New this year: Download the free UA Engineering Design Day app for iPhone or for Android.

Szivek to Lecture on Cartilage Regeneration

Professor of orthopaedic surgery John A. Szivek, who holds a joint appointment in the department of biomedical engineering, will offer a free lecture on "Building Better Joints" on Wednesday, April 6, at 6 p.m. in the DuVal Auditorium at Banner - University Medical Center Tucson.

The lecture is sponsored by the UA Arthritis Center and will discuss specific advances in cartilage regeneration strategies.

Registration is required.

Fink Brings Intelligent Algorithms to Biomedical Engineering

Wolfgang Fink, who holds a joint appointment with the department of biomedical engineering, displays a "smart ophthalmoscope." Photo by Jacob Chinn/UA Alumni Association.Joint professor Wolfgang Fink equips machines to make judgments ordinarily entrusted to people. One of his recent projects, a "smart ophthalmoscope," allows rural clinicians to submit detailed images of patients' eyes to a remote diagnostic system. The device could be commercially available within two years.

“It brings quality health care to the patient rather than the patient to the health care,” he says.

Learn more about why Fink finds working in biomedical engineering so rewarding in the latest issue of Arizona Alumni Magazine.

Photo by Jacob Chinn/UA Alumni Association  

BME Design Day Highlights Research Prowess

Michelle Gary explains her research to a fellow student at BME Design Day on March 2

On March 2, posters made by 20 undergraduate biomedical engineers lined the Grand Ballroom in the Student Union Memorial Center for the department's fourth annual BME Design Day. More than 150 faculty and fellow students attended, including all first-years enrolled in BME 295C: Challenges in Biomedical Engineering.

The event was sponsored by W.L. Gore & Associates and featured a keynote presentation from lead engineer Rachel Rakvica on "The Value of a Biomedical Engineering Degree in Device Design." Representatives from Gore and the UA Foundation judged the poster competition.

This year's winners were:

  • First Place: Mary McIntosh for "Physiological Model for Assessing Ankle Joint Contact Pressure in Weber Fracture Malreduction"
  • Second Place: Caitlin Moffett for "TNFalpha Priming Selectively Enhances CD4+FoxP3+ Regulatory T Cell Suppressive Function"
  • Third Place: Chris Gallo for "Zinc (Zn2+) Alters Calcium Oxalate Crystal Formation in a Drosophila Model of Nephrolithiasis"
  • Most Promising Research: Summer Garland for "Augmented Microscopy with Spatial Light Modulation"
  • Most Creative Research: Tyler Toth for "Rapid Detection of Ebola Virus Surrogate Using Interfacial Tension-Based Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR-IT)"

A gallery of photos taken by Mia Schnaible is available on the BME Facebook Page.

Faculty Members Urge US to Consider Cuban Medicine

Drs. David Armstrong and Marvin Slepian recently traveled to Havana to discuss the drug Heberprot-P with its inventors at the Cuban Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. The medication, which is described as an "epidermal growth factor," fosters rapid wound healing and could save diabetics from amputation.

They hope that normalizing relations with Cuba will allow them to bring the drug to the U.S. for FDA trials and approval.

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