Kaveh Laksari

Assistant Professor
Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty

Short Bio

Laksari's research focus is on the field of biomechanics in general and injury biomechanics in particular. He has worked on modeling and preventing traumatic brain injury (TBI) in contact sports, and on modeling arteria wall tissue with a focus on high-rate loadings that could lead to loss of mechanical integrity and eventual dissection.

Educational Background

2003    B.S., University of Tehran

2009    M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Temple University

2014    Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Temple University

Selected Publications

1.   K. Laksari, M. Shafieian, and K. Darvish, (2012), “Constitutive model for brain tissue under finite compression”, Journal of Biomechanics.

2.   K. Laksari, K. Sadeghipour, K. Darvish, (2014), “Mechanical Response of Brain Tissue under Blast Loading”, Journal of Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials.

3.   K. Laksari, S. Assari, B. Seibold, K. Sadeghipour, K. Darvish, (2014), “Computational Simulation of the Mechanical Response of Brain Tissue under Blast Loading”, Journal of Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology.

4.   F. Hernandez, L. Wu, M. Yip, K. Laksari, A. Hoffman, J. Lopez, G. Grant, S. Kleiven, D. Camarillo, (2014), “Six Degrees of Freedom Measurements of Human Mild Traumatic Brain Injury”, Annals of Biomedical Engineering.

5.   K. Laksari, L. Wu, M. Kurt, C. Kuo, D. Camarillo, (2015), “Resonance of Human Brain under Head Acceleration”, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 12.108: 20150331.

6.   M. Rastgar Agah, K. Laksari, S. Assari, K. Darvish, (2016), “Mechanical instability of aorta due to intraluminal pressure”, International Journal of Applied Mechanics, Vol. 8, Issue 1.

7.   M. Kurt, K. Laksari, C. Kuo, G. Grant, D. Camarillo, (2016), “Modeling and optimization of airbag helmets for preventing head injuries in bicycling”, Annals of Biomedical Engineering.

8.   L. Wu, P. Ye, C. Kuo, K. Laksari, D. Camarillo, E. Kuhl, (2016), “Brain kinematics, displacements, and strains during roller coaster rides”, Annals of Biomedical Engineering.

9.   L. Wu, K. Laksari, C. Kuo, J. Luck, D. Bass, S. Kleiven, D. Camarillo, (2016), “Bandwidth requirements for wearable head impact sensors”, Journal of Biomechanics.

10.   K. Laksari, D. Shahmirzadi, C. Acosta, E. Konofagou, (2016), “Energy-based Constitutive Modeling of Focal Material Properties of Canine Aortas”, Journal of the Royal Society Open Science.

11.   M. Rastgar Agah, K. Laksari, S. Assari, K. Darvish, (2016), “Mechanical behavior of porcine thoracic aorta in physiological and supra-physiological intraluminal pressures”, Journal Engineering Physics.

12.   K. Laksari*, M. Kurt*, H. Babaee, S. Kleiven, D. Camarillo, (2016), “Spatiotemporal dynamics of human brain during head impacts in contact sports”, under review.

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