Fall 2016 Events

BME Seminars

Aug. 22
"Course Changes and Expectations"
Arthur Gmitro and Ted Trouard 
The University of Arizona

Aug. 29
"Presentation Guidelines and Critiquing"
Jane Mohler
The University of Arizona 

Sept. 12
"Xeridiem Innovation Path: Core Technologies and Devices"
Paul Melnychuck

Sept. 19
Kaitlyn R. Ammann
The University of Arizona 

Sept. 26
"From UA Engineering to Being a Industry Engineer" (PDF)
Ryan Gapp 
W.L. Gore & Associates 

Oct. 3
"Development and Characterization of Liposome Conjugated Drug Delivery System for Focused Ultrasound Mediated Delivery" (PDF)
Ryan Rath
The University of Arizona

"Engineered Heart Tissues for Drug Screening and Therapy Development" (PDF)
Vic Keschrumrus
The University of Arizona

Oct. 10
"A Visit to the Human App Store" (PDF)
David Armstrong
The University of Arizona

Oct. 17
"Effects of Metformin on Diastolic Function" (PDF)
Rebecca Slater 
The University of Arizona 

Oct. 24
"What Does a Kitty Avoiding Obstacles During a Walk Tell About the Motor Cortex?" (PDF)
Vladimir Marlinski
Barrow Neurological Institute 

Oct. 31
Kyle Jones
The University of Arizona 

Nov. 7
"Measuring Eye Glass Compliance: A Design Strategy"
Joseph Miller
The University of Arizona 

Nov. 14
"Parametric Mapping and Image Analysis in Breast MRI" (PDF)
Tomoe Hagio
The University of Arizona 

Nov. 21
Marvin Slepian 
The University of Arizona 

Nov. 28
"Plasmon Resonant Liposomes for Controlled Drug Delivery" (PDF)
Shellie Knights-Mitchell 
The University of Arizona 

Dec. 5
"Unconventional Applications of Conventional Imaging Methods" (PDF)
Arvind Pathak 
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine 


Friday, Oct. 28
8 a.m., Student Union Memorial Center North Ballroom
"53rd Annual Engineers Breakfast"
Reservation required.

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Special Presentations

Tuesday, Nov. 15
BIO5 Interdisciplinary Series on Biomedical Sensors and Diagnostics
4-5 p.m., Medical Research Building 102

"Assessing Cognition Using Biosensors"
Nima Toosizadeh
The University of Arizona 

RSVP requested. 

Wednesday, Nov. 16
Musculoskeletal Research Conference
5:30-6:45 p.m., Orthopaedic Surgery Conference Room B106

"Randomized Controlled Trial of Intense Therapeutic Ultrasound for the Treatment of Chronic Plantar Fasciitis"
Daniel Latt
The University of Arizona 

"Dynamic Model to Optimize Ultrasound Elasticity Imaging of Human Tendon for Assessment of Advanced Tendinopathies"
Hannah Schmitz 
The University of Arizona 

Thursday, Nov. 17
Noon-1 p.m., Kiewit Auditorium
"UA College of Medicine - Tucson Founders Day Lecture"
Arthur Gmitro
The University of Arizona 

Tuesday, Dec. 6
1-2 p.m., Engineering 301
"Towards a Learning Health System: Past, Present and Future" (PDF)
Vignesh Subbian
The University of Arizona 

Department Mixer

Thursday, Nov. 17
5:30-7 p.m., Keating 103


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