Biomedical Projects Win Big at Design Day 2016

BME seniors on Design DayProjects with biomedical themes – and with BME seniors – made headlines at Engineering Design Day 2016. 

Taking home the Raytheon Award for Best Overall Design was Team 15040, which included Collin Gilchrist, Jamie Hernandez, Pete Moya and Tyler Toth. Their project, On-Slide Reagent Concentration Feedback and Control, was sponsored by Ventana Medical Systems Inc.

Team 15024 received both the Rincon Research Award for Best Presentation and the Ventana Award for Innovation in Engineering with the project Nasogastric Tube Placement Verification System, sponsored by Xeridiem. The team included Christopher Gallo, Summer Garland, Nathaniel Husband and Gary Tyree.

The all-BME Team 15031 won the ACSS/L-3 Communications Award for Most Robust Systems Engineering with Microfluidic-Based Human Lung Model, which was sponsored by the department. Its members were Elisa Calabrese, Kristin Calahan, Christopher Larkin, Emily Masterson, Mary McIntosh and Kristina Rivera.

Among the other prize-winners were Corina MacIsaac and Yaroslav Valerievich Pilipenko on Team 15039; Czarina Aguilar, Eze Ahanonu, Daniel Palomares and Zachary Remer on Team 15026; Andrew D’Arcangelis and Mykella Jones on Team 15038; Trevor Woodhouse on Team 15056; and Xaviere Giroud, Andrew Thomas Maggio and Cecilia Maria Read on Team 15018.

BME's Justine Bacchus also received one of two Honeywell Team Leadership Award.

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