Accelerated Master's Program

The Department of Biomedical Engineering offers an Accelerated Master's Program, or AMP, for exceptional students enrolled at the University of Arizona for both their bachelor's and master's degrees. AMP students earn a Bachelor of Science degree in one of the disciplines of engineering and a Master of Science degree in biomedical engineering. The master's degree is completed in one year after the bachelor's degree.

General requirements for Accelerated Master's Programs are set by the UA office of Academic Affairs.

The Accelerated Master’s Program is not designed to accelerate progress toward a PhD in biomedical engineering. Its purpose is to provide students with a terminal master's degree that they can then use to launch their careers in industry or medical research institutions. If you are interested in a doctoral degree, you should consider our PhD instead.


Qualified students apply to the program in the second semester of their junior year (i.e., with two full semesters remaining in their undergraduate program). The application deadline is Feb. 1 for students who expect to graduate in May of the following year.


Students complete 9 units of advanced BME courses in their senior year, which apply toward both the bachelor's and master's degrees. After completing bachelor's degree requirements with grades of "B" or better in all BME courses, students are granted graduate status and enter the master's program.

Students may choose to complete a master's thesis or master's report. Students may find that the report, which does not require original laboratory research, is more compatible with the accelerated nature of this program, but a thesis is encouraged if appropriate.


The BME program does not typically provide financial support to AMP students. Instead, you are encouraged to find a relevant position at the university or in industry that can provide experience for your master's thesis or report. Positions may be paid, or you can obtain course credit (e.g., BME 693: Clinical/Industrial Internship). Due to the accelerated nature of the program, employment not related to the master's thesis or report is strongly discouraged.

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